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Residential: At Home with Culligan Water


Stop spending time cleaning and spending money on cleaning supplies, shampoos, soaps and detergents caused by hardness, odors, and undesired tastes. Culligan offers a variety of water softening and water filtration systems in a range of sizes and capacities to fit your water needs.

At Culligan, treating water problems is our specialty. After a FREE "in home" water analysis of your water supply, your Culligan Man can recommend the appropriate equipment to meet your needs.

Benefits of a Culligan system in your home or office:

  • Cleaner hair and skin after showering or bathing! Say goodbye to red, dry, itchy skin caused by your water.
  • Easier Cleaning Say goodbye to bathtub ring or film on shower walls and doors : no more staining!
  • Cleaner & Brighter Wash Be done with hard water soap residue left in fabrics that causes staining of clothing.
  • Spend up to 75% less on soaps, detergents and lotions.
  • Save Time & Money Spend less time cleaning.
  • Save Energy Hard water scaling increase the energy use and decreases the life of water using appliances.
  • Sparkling Fixtures & Dishes Do away with spots!
  • Squeaky clean and shiny as new.